2 thoughts on “What are good reasons to use Smalltalk?

  1. I am a long term student of Smalltalk (Squeak, Pharo, mostly Pharo now). I couldn’t check off any of the boxes in your poll. Some I didn’t understand and some I disagreed with.
    Contrary to some promoters, I have never found Smalltalk “easy,” particularly when not used frequently.


    1. It’s true. There is a small number of people who have problems with Smalltalk. Frankly, I don’t understand why.

      But the same can be said for every other programming language on the planet…Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, etc. There will always be a small number of people for whom these languages simply cannot “click.”

      I don’t think anyone has ever tried to probe for the underlying psychological reasons. I’d be curious to learn.


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