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  • Rust as a first programming language

    Someone suggested to me that Rust is a good first programming language for beginners. As a first programming language, Rust is wholly unsuitable. First of all, it’s a rather large and complex language compared to something like Python or Smalltalk. The ownership and borrowing feature will be tough for newbies to wrap their heads around.…

  • The Industrial Use of Smalltalk

    Someone wrote to me saying, “I get that Smalltalk might be fun and pure and all, but have any industrial strength, real-world applications been built using it? Learning a programming language is a combination of personal taste and real world practical need. I’m not sure I see any of the latter here.” Smalltalk is currently…

  • Functional vs Object-Oriented Programming

    Object-oriented programming is a much more natural way for human programmers to model their computational solutions. Humans deal with the world around them in terms of objects. Most people would struggle to model the world around them in functional terms. This is perhaps why functional programming has failed to take the world by storm, but not…

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    Two important articles were published. First, “MMXXII — Year-long Celebrations for Smalltalk”: Second, “The Rejuvenation of Squeak”:

  • Another 50th Anniversary Celebration

    The Computer History Museum held a special webinar entitled “Making Smalltalk”:

  • JRMPC 2022 Awards Ceremony

    In case you missed it…

  • Adele Goldberg on the Legacy of Smalltalk

    For Smalltalk’s 50th anniversary this year, IEEE Spectrum spoke with Adele Goldberg: Good insights.

  • September is the actual birth month of Smalltalk

    Therefore, I’ve prepared something special: Enjoy!

  • How is Smalltalk like Linux?

    Smalltalk programming language and Linux operating system share a common philosophy: provide the user with maximum flexibility, maximum available options. If you’re using Windows or MacOS, or Python, JavaScript, Java, or C#, you only have one option. There are no other flavours. Smalltalk and Linux provide many different offerings, for example, VisualWorks, VAST, GemStone/S, Pharo,…

  • Celebrating 50 Years of Smalltalk

    A wrap-up of Camp Smalltalk Supreme.