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Smalltalk Resources

Free Books

There are many free books about Smalltalk available online. Here’s a list of them.

Many of the books are quite old, but they still contain useful information about the overall nature of the Smalltalk language. As curator, here are several that I recommend:

Here’s my personal favourite (also available at Amazon):

Advanced Books (commercial)

The book “Streamlined Object Modeling: Patterns, Rules, and Implementation” can be recommended, as can “Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns.”

The Design Patterns Smalltalk Companion is a great book!

Then there are these books by Andres Valloud.


Seaside Tutorials

For Children


Pharo Resources

Free Pharo Books

There are many excellent books on Pharo. You can find them here.

Pharo By Example is the principal Pharo reference. Everyone should read this.

Pharo Tutorials

This is a nice little introduction to Smalltalk syntax. The same tutorial is essentially available within the Pharo image after you’ve installed Pharo.

This is a reference I find useful.

Here’s a Pharo Quick Start guide.

Pharo has a MOOC, now going into its fifth edition in 2020. It has introduced Smalltalk to thousands of new users.

For people interested in programming the Raspberry Pi using Pharo, here’s an advanced tutorial.


Here is a tutorial series I prepared for JRMPC: Pharo Tutorial Series.

Pharo Wiki

There is a great deal of documentation available for Pharo. You can find it here.

Awesome Pharo

There are a great many libraries, frameworks, and tools available for Pharo. You can find them here.


This is a handy cheat sheet for Pharo which summarizes all the essentials.

You can ask questions at the Pharo user forum. StackOverflow is always a great resource.

The Smalltalk Family

Like Lisp, Smalltalk is not one language but a family of languages. Here are the notable ones:

Open Source



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