Ryerson University Joins Pharo Consortium As Academic Partner

I am pleased to announce that Ryerson University joins the Pharo Consortium as an Academic Partner. The Consortium will strengthen Pharo’s applicability for mission-critical software development.

Ryerson does leading research in Pharo development under the auspices of Prof. Dave Mason, Chair of Computer Science. Here is one of the areas of research: PharoJS.

Ryerson just came off a major Pharo programming competition conducted in Canada. The outstanding results can be see here: JRMPC 2020 Awards Ceremony.

Pharo is a modern, open source derivative of Smalltalk that was created in 2008. It is highly innovative and forward-looking. Pharo is totally web-ready for both front-end and back-end development. Pharo is also well-suited for data science and machine learning, as well as Internet of Things applications. Pharo is used in other areas, too, such as robotics, virtual reality, enterprise business applications, and so on. The language is endlessly versatile.

Pharo is ideal for teaching object-oriented programming to beginners and college freshmen. It’s absolutely wonderful for hobbyists, too.

Published by smalltalkrenaissance

A non-profit advocacy organization whose mission is to promote and popularize Smalltalk.

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